What Does It Mean to be A DESIGNS THAT DONATE Stylist?

DESIGNS THAT DONATE hires Stylists to represent our model.
We look for individuals, like ourselves, who enjoy LOOKING GOOD and DOING GOOD!
Through social media outlets, word of mouth and private showings, Stylists sell Designs that Donate brands, and the many brands we work with. Our client demographic is vast and allows us to work with Stylists of any age. We specialize in making gift giving easy, fun and charitable.  We satisfy gifts in every category; birthdays, holiday, newborn, engagement, wedding, hostess, anniversary gifts and so much more. You can become the go to resource in your community for Shopping With Purpose!
DESIGNS THAT DONATE brings to the marketplace a curated collection of items to satisfy all shopping and gift giving needs. Most importantly, we pioneered the charitable model, donating a percentage (5%) of every purchase to the customer’s Charity of Choice. The key here is Charity of Choice. On every sale, a customer has the power to delegate the cause that they would like to benefit from the sale.
DESIGNS THAT DONATE also works closely with the charitable organizations we support, providing an outlet for education along with fundraising. Every month, a charity is nominated to be the Charity of the Month.Through cross promotion, that charity drives supporters to the website and receives 5% of every sale when that charity is selected at checkout in the selected month. We also work with charities to put together private sales solely for that cause. These events, arranged by the charity, generate up to 20% of sales back to the cause.
If you are interested in learning more about joining our team and expanding our model for philanthropic shopping, please reach out to info@designsthatdonate.com, call (908) 421-0525 or submit your information below. We look forward to hearing from you.