Pause to be Present Mindfulness & Meditation

Pause to be Present Mindfulness & Meditation

Who wouldn’t love a gift with a subtle reminder to just pause?  No better way to find peace and calm in your life than just take a few minutes to breathe and slow down!  

Our Friends at Pause to be Present have collaborated with us on their favorite mindful pieces in support of Mindful Life Projectan organization working diligently to support the mental and emotional wellness of students, teachers, staff, leaders, and families through mindfulness programming. The mission of Mindful Life Project is to create a foundation of well-being at the individual level that leads to a connected school culture.  Pause to be Present is offering Designs that Donate Customers a FREE week at their virtual mindfulness and meditation studio where you can take LIVE or On-Demand themed classes to help you relax anytime, anywhere!  Simply click this link to get your complimentary week,

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Go Slowly Tray

$ 75.00