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Hair 2 Help

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While there is nothing fun or glamorous about cancer, everyone deserves to look and feel fabulous - especially the courageous women struggling with such a life-altering disease.  That is why James Corbett, whose regular clientele includes models, celebrities, and beauty insiders, founded Hair2Help. With his uplifting, effervescent demeanor, Corbett-- a beauty expert, celebrity colorist, and owner of James Corbett Studio & Spa--is working towards making a difference--one makeover at a time.Corbett started Hair2Help in October 2010 when he realized there was a need to help women affected by cancer.  His spa days for cancer patients and their caregivers invite women who are suffering, in to be pampered, beautified, and receive alternative treatments if they so choose. “A day in the spa that uses all organic, non-toxic treatments and is tailored to their needs and wishes can help them regain their dignity and self-esteem,” he says.

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