More Mother's Day Gift Ideas

More Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Graduation & Mother's Day

Thursday, May 11th

DTD Home Base

5 Sarosca Farm Lane, Purchase NY 10577


Charity of Your Choice!

Mother's Day Gifts
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 Warm her heart...

Scarves $125 - $190

Lace-up Cashmere Poncho $220

Cashmere Sweater/Poncho
Ohlala or Lip  $625

 Always on the go...

Cosmetic Tech Case  $62

Tech Organizing Case  $79

Cosmetic Case  $52

Lip Keychain $38
Lipstick Portable Charger $35

 Love you to the Moon...

Moon & Star Ring  $995
Starburst Earrings  $425
Single Moon Earring  $110

Send her a kiss...

Lip Necklace $150-$225
Lip Earring $150-$300 

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